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Dr. Nathan Hansen has helped hundreds of patients as a Chiropractor in Frisco, TX. Producing long term changes by restoring function, building strength, and rehabilitating the spine, thus allowing the nervous system to function at an optimal level.
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Chiropractor in Frisco, TX

"I've had lower back pain since June after a soccer injury. I've seen chiropractors my whole life, I have a family full of them. Dr. Hansen was friendly and extremely thorough. I'm excited to finally start feeling back to my old self again!"
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Therapies Cold Laser Therapy- We use Micro Light Laser. This is the most advanced laser on the market. Cold Laser is used to help speed up the body's ability to heal it self. This helps improve cell
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Training and Nutrition

Personal Training - With our state of the art in house gm, you can work with our personal trainer to help show you proper form, to help set up workouts specifically for you.Nutrition - Help add
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