Dr Nathan HansenFrom a young age Frisco chiropractor Dr Nathan Hansen has always had a desire to help people, a dream he knew could be fulfilled in the medical field.

While in pre-med at Oral Roberts University he realized that the traditional medicine he was being taught treated only symptoms and not the underlying causes of disease.  Studying the central nervous system and its control of every other system in the body showed him an alternative, Chiropractic – the science and art of increasing the function of the nervous system.  Dr. Hansen believes that through chiropractic adjustments and unlocking the nervous system anything is possible!

Dr. Hansen received his Doctorate from Parker College of Chiropractic along with certifications in nine different chiropractic techniques including Diversified, Gonstead, Activator, Sacral-Occipital Technique, Thompson, and Chiropractic Bio-Physics. For each patient he combines these techniques to create a unique adjustment that is specialized for them alone.    Dr. Hansen uses the latest, state of the art equipment, Photo therapy by MedX lasers.  The newest research shows how Photo therapy causes the body to heal more rapidly which is particularly important for treating several types of sports injuries.  For athletes and the rest of us Dr. Hansen uses Myo-fascial Adhesion Release with Advanced Percussor work to help unwind tightened fascia, aid in the breakdown of scar tissue, and promote rapid healing and flexibility.

Hansen FamilyHe’s passionate about chiropractic care for kids and women who are pregnant, and has even adjusted his sons right after birth.  Chiropractic adjustments at a young age increase the immune system and lead to a much healthier childhood he believes; as an example his often-adjusted children have not experienced the usually common illnesses of early childhood like colic, ear infections, common colds, allergies, or digestive problems.

Dr. Hansen specializes in working with both pre- and post-natal patients. Over 65% of women experience back pain after childbirth, pain which can be prevented by chiropractic re-alignment of the spine and pelvis. He  kept his own wife adjusted throughout both her pregnancies, leading to much healthier pregnancies and easier deliveries.  Unsurprisingly Dr. Hansen is the preferred Chiropractor for many local OB physicians.

Dr. Hansen has helped hundreds of patients reach their desired results, producing long term changes by restoring function, building strength, and rehabilitating the spine, thus allowing the nervous system to function at an optimal level. His goal is to help you experience life to its fullest, living pain-and-disease-free!

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