Therapies Cold Laser Therapy- We use Micro Light Laser. This is the most advanced laser on the market. Cold Laser is used to help speed up the body's ability to heal it self. This helps improve cell replication and thus speeds up your recovery time.

Advanced Percussor Therapy - With our innovated percussor, we are able to break up old scar tissue which prevents you from a fully recovering from old nagging injuries.

Ultrasound - We use continuous waved and pulsed wave ultrasound to increase blood flow and pump out lactic acid build up on acute injuries. This helps with everything from car accident injuries to a simple muscle irritation.

Acupressure - Working with the body's meridians, we can treat many of the body's aches and pains by applying proper trigger point pressure to rid the body of pain.

Kinesiology - Kinesiology addresses physiological, mechanical, and psychological mechanisms. Restoring proper movement to the joints and muscles we can re-train the body and help rid the body of imbalances.

Rehabilitation - Re-strengthening the body is a huge part of keeping the body from re-injury. Once we rid the body of swelling and scar tissue, we will then correct the body's imbalances, and finally rehabilitate the body so it is strong and does not return to its former state.

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